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I read your blogs

More often I am bumping into people who volunteer, "I read your blogs." At first I would blush over, maybe apologize, quickly explain that some writing is fiction or embellished, and ask, "Do you still like me?" Now I perk up, smile, and respond positively and thank them for reading adding that I hope they continue to enjoy the writing.

The statement is "I read your blogs" – plural. So Cathy and I get bunched together (and possibly Tommy, Sarah, Noah, Amy, and a specialty blog or two. Evan cannot spell yet.) Of late, the "I read your blogs" has a followup sentence that is consistently being said by unrelated people, "Cathy writes really well!" It’s subtle, but there’s a message in there! I’ll get better with practice. (Cathy does write really well. Domestic Psychology should be in your feed reader! Links for her: post feed and comment feed)

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