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Gas close to my $3.249 prediction!

Gas at Kroger $3.299 with plus card discount otherwise $3.399

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3 thoughts on “Gas close to my $3.249 prediction!

  1. Time Well Spent…

    Rather than watch Fulmer’s Follies, we went out to Calhoun’s for a little food, fun, and lively conversation with Knoxville area bloggers and Twitterers. Attending the festivities were: Doug and Cathy, the Blogging McCaughans Rich and Lissa, the Blog…

  2. I always fill up the tank at Kroger to take advantage of the 10 cent discount. I thought it was ending at the end of September, but I just noticed on my latest Kroger receipt that it will continue through the end of October. I hope it becomes a permanent thing!

  3. Whoa. I didn’t realize that their gas discount was a temporary thing.

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