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Evening Status

We survived the day without much of a productivity hit to my coding. After getting 3 children off to school, I hit the keys. Recovered the pre-schooler and did an errand on the way. Let the tv do some babysitting until the 6 year old came home and then she babysat fought the 3 year old. Then the 12 year old came home, the tv was turned off, and he was placed in charge of his siblings until it was time for dinner. Everyone ate and the 12 year old was ushered off to bathe and prepare for scouts. I slipped in some more programming while the two little ones played nice upstairs. Noah’s ride took him to scouts. I bathed and jammied the two little ones. And now I’m debating just how horrible it would be to take a 3 and 6 year old in pajamas into the Weigel’s to buy milk for the morning.

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