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Well lemme tell you sonny!

I’ve entered the last year of my youth. Today I am 39. In October 2009, the Boy Scouts of America will make me fill out new forms to make sure I’m not dead before leaving for outings, I’ll get to check a new checkbox on everyone’s forms (35-39, 40-dead). And apparently all innovation happens between 20-29 or 30-39 so this is my last year to become famous (you know I was supposed to retire at 35 right?). Tim requested this post so that we could avoid talking about the Antichrist or that I’ve become an old fart. Al I can say is, "I’m not dead yet!" (And thanks to all for the birthday wishes in Twitter and in the comments on Reality Me. You all are great!)

10 thoughts on “Well lemme tell you sonny!

  1. Happy birthday Old Fart! (Yeah, I’m still older than you, so can it.)

    Have a good one! LOL!~

  2. Happy Birthday! Mine isn’t far away and then I will have left my youth behind. Have a great day!!

  3. Happy Birthday, older-than-me man. Uh, I think you should have aged-out of the Boy Scouts by now (maybe they have a Senior Scouts … hiking trails for walkers and rascals?)

  4. Hope you got your check. Loving you a lot and will be calling before the night is too old===like yu. HA HA!! It is OK because you get me back for making me older.

  5. Happy birthday. Greetings from the other side of forty. I don’t have anything clever to say or any advice to offer, so I’ll say this: there’s a scene in the Hulk movie where Banner wakes up from being the Hulk and he totally looks just like you. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s true.

    Hulk out, man.

  6. Happy Birthday, dang your a couple years younger than me. What a bad day this is for me. Seriously, Happy Birthday.

    This can be your happy day, just let mine be on Nov. 4 probably not gonna happen.

  7. Thanks to all!

    BH, You know.. for months I’ve been meaning to publish my theory that the Republican party intended to lose this election all along as a setup pitch to take 2012 and hold it until at least 2020. This next presidency is going to be a tough one to captain regardless of which party the president elect comes from simply because of the Bush legacy and some of the mess these past 8 years are leaving to be cleaned up. The people will be holding the bar very high and if expectations are not met, I can foresee the 2012 election going to the other party (whichever doesn’t take 2008).

  8. I think people said the same thing in 1979, 1991 and 1999 – that the next president wouldn’t last because of “cleaning up the mess” of the previous president. All three next presidents served two terms…

  9. Careful consideration of your conspiracy theory is my birthday gift to you. šŸ™‚

  10. thanks for the post!
    sorry to disappoint you but im 2 years and 2 weeks ahead of you and still in the future and im not dead yet – so there!
    guess you have got to keep programming a while yet!

    cheers big fella

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