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Looking forward to November 5

I’ve wondered in this political season how many people who enjoyed a particular blog quit reading because of that person’s support for a particular candidate. I feel this election is very important and as such I have been very outspoken in support of Barack Obama. I hope that has not driven people away who have enjoyed Reality Me in the past. Recently, Cathy and I upset, and ran off, one reader that we assumed was passing through and making brief comments on blogs supporting Obama. We forgot that the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon taught us that all people are closely connected. In this case, our "passing" Republican was not a troll but a quiet reader of both our blogs who delurked for a political statement. I know this because it turns out she is a friend of my brother.

So, I’m looking forward to November 5, 2008, to cut back on some of the political posts and get back to the humor in life, some tech, pictures of my children, and news of the odd.

Blogging, at least mine, is an opinionated form of publishing that may be biased and at times without objectiveness. With its world-wide reach, the potential audience for a blog is huge. As such, the odds are someone is going to be disturbed, or offended. I can only hope that spurs some interesting conversations in comments and perhaps an opportunity to meet for coffee and discuss our differences. So if the Pro-Obamaness of Reality Me has driven you nuts, let’s have some coffee together and talk something other than politics. In the meantime, check out this great video from Obama!

And this transcription of his remarks in Canton, Ohio.

3 thoughts on “Looking forward to November 5

  1. I gotta be honest I was turned away from the posts a little bit due to the mass amounts of political propoganda. I knew it to be a short lived thing and didn’t take it too seriously. Hopefully november 5th will quiten down your support for obama and you can shift your posts to anti-mccain and how we could have voted him into office *slaps knee*

  2. Hey, I like you all even though your wrong and I am right. LOL. (kidding) I have lost a few ok maybe a lot of readers based on my rantings (but of course i am pretty much political) But, my theory is if they left they were looking for a reason to leave.

    They may be back, but if they don’t well o.k.

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