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I’ve got myself a keylogger!

Maybe.. Windows security popped up to explain that I’ve got the Trojan-Keylogger.WIN32.Fung. Now, I’m typing fast and thinking slow. I may have just fallen prey to a popup ad because Windows security could only "enable protection" which when clicked took me to a … oh, this is pseudo phishing scam. That had to be a popup ad well designed to look like the windows security popup. It took me to an affiliate site for a free download or the ability to buy some software. I can’t believe I nibbled at that! None-the-less, I’m going to do a few scans and ensure the integrity of this machine. Back to work.

2 thoughts on “I’ve got myself a keylogger!

  1. *cough* Get a Mac! 😉

    And NEVER trust a pop-up – Firefox with AdBlock Plus is your friend.

  2. Turns out this popup is from a trogan but its not a keylogger like it implies. So Adblock Plus wouldn’t have stopped this one. Looks like my computer has been hanging out at the red light district when I had my back turned. Not sure how I caught this one. My machine is locked down fairly tight.

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