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Another TN Business Closure

Adult World goes down.

3 thoughts on “Another TN Business Closure

  1. Is this the adult store that has the giant cross right next to it, up towards Oneida?

  2. That’s the one! Cross – 1; Adult Book Store – 0

    The way the article reads, hotels should be afraid:

    "It’s against our city ordinances to openly have sex anwhere other than home, or in the privacy of yourself, but people can come in and see this, watching other people have sex," [Caryville Police Chief Bill] Widener said.

    Of course, I’m interested in knowing what "the privacy of yourself" means? Masturbation is okay as long as its private? So the anyone alone in the video room doing the PeeWee Herman was legal?

    (btw, the link is fixed now)

  3. “Goes down.” Heh heh.

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