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The things your nutty family does to drive you nuts

I remember reading about SEP in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. SEP is Somebody Else’s Problem.

Somebody Else’s Problem (also known as Someone else’s problem or SEP) is an effect that causes people to ignore matters which are generally important to a group but may not seem specifically important to the individual. [Source, Wikipedia, Somebody Else’s Problem]

I have a strong desire to help people so I frequently remind myself, "That’s SEP!" This morning I came upstairs to find a planter on top of the antique wardrobe. It appears that someone is trying to grow a piece of pine branch. At first, it looked like one broken off the artificial Christmas tree but upon closer inspection, it is from a live tree. The soil used looks like mostly muddy clay and the planter is only half full. Instead of a tray below it, there is a sopping wet paper towel. That wet towel on that antique wood makes me twitch but it is out of sight and this is SEP. Cathy either approved it or doesn’t know about it. One way or another, if there is any damage, it is already done and this is something that may be making a child happy. This is SEP as Cathy and the children know what is going on and they will handle it. twitch

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