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It’s raining…in my basement

Just to keep things interesting the Fall leaves have filled the trench (that is supposed to become a French drain) outside the house and water is seeping through the wall into the basement. This means:

  1. I have to prevent damage to things in the basement by making sure the water has a clear escape path
  2. I have to clean out the shop vac and start sucking up water
  3. I have to don old nasty clothes that don’t fit, find a shovel, and start digging in the mud outside.

This has to happen between programming, preparing dinner, driving to 3 places to pay bills (no, I don’t own any stamps and I want receipts), and being home in time to let Cathy go see Sarah’s flag competition tonight, getting children bathed and into bed (and more programming). No. Calling someone in to deal with this is not an option right now.

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