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Yesterday was a day of bureaucracy and lunacy. Every now and then, the paperwork must be caught up. I have even considered switching to 4 day work weeks and spending my 5th day on planning and paperwork. I waited until the last minute to pay 3 important bills so to avoid a late fee I drove to their respective offices and made the payments which necessitated a trip to the bank. Just before running those errands the rain seeped through into the basement. Fortunately, we took no damage that I can find. The reason this happened is that the trench I began to reseal the external wall and install a French drain has never been completed and the leaves have blocked it up allowing water to puddle against the wall. Granddaddy drove to Lincoln Memorial to pickup Tommy for the winter break. As we were warning him that the road may be closed due to rockslides he hit traffic. Turns out that the slide didn’t really affect him. Next, Amy and Evan were rough housing and Evan lands on his face loosening his two front teeth (one of which was supposed to be extracted this week but due to his uncooperativeness has been moved to January). This happens just as we are getting ready to prepare dinner and Cathy had to leave for Sarah’s flag performance. I think the evening ended with the whole family simultaneously collapsing in exhaustion.

Today began with a head cold for me, a college student sawing logs, a teenager trying hard to sleep in, 6 year old having extensive and happy conversations with the Shelf Elf insisting that he grabbed a branch turned toward her and moved his eyes to look right at her, middle and elementary schoolers happily getting off to school, 3 year old waking early, and dog puke.

Sarah's flag performance

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