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Thank you for throwing your shoe site

Although it has scrolled from the page, I have continued to update the Iraqi Reporter Throws Reddit Alien at Bush post with related shoe throwing news. Today I added a link to a new website called which is a gallery of images from people holding up their shoe for Muntadar al-Zeidi. I have to agree with this statement from the website:

We don’t condone shoe throwing, but we prefer it to war.

5 thoughts on “Thank you for throwing your shoe site

  1. This is just sad, all around, that the guy is being supported and applauded for what he did.

  2. I don’t think that it has dawned on too many that think this guy is some sort of hero, or someone to be admired, that had George Bush NOT fulfilled Clinton’s agenda of deposing Saddam Hussein, in accordance with the law, Congressional approval and the broken treaties signed by Hussein, that an action like that would have resulted in the gentleman’s untimely demise via wood chipper – after his wife was raped to death and his children slaughtered in front of him.

    It is because of George Bush that he was able to take such a reprehensible action. Our days of enjoying freedom of speech are rapidly coming to an end, ironically. The persecution and boycotting by Obama and his followers of radio and TV stations that dared to criticize him, the Missouri Truth Squads and his ideas for a “Civilian National Security Force” scare me far, far worse than any imagined transgressions by the Bush administration. and are just the beginning.

  3. Barry, I’m surprised by the support. I believe in expressing one’s opinion but what he did was wrong and in the wrong setting. He was there professionally as a journalist. I am still surprised he got two shoes off without intervention from the Secret Service. I don’t think he should have been able to get one thrown.

    Lissa, I believe Bush has been the threat to freedom of speech. See Bush Throws Out The First Amendment – Again as one example.

  4. Doug, you never read that bill. You are merely throwing out yet another grossly exaggerated talking point. It in no way, form or fashion abrogates freedom of speech.

    Either that, or you are really opposed to being able to identify cyber-stalkers and harassers … like that person that left the hateful comments at Cathy’s, and you swore you would demand their ISP reveal their identity. It sound like you think this is “bad” because it came from Bush, but only until you find it useful for your own needs, rights?

  5. I actually do read the bills (usually) particularly before I post about them. The reference on this one came from a reliable source (cnet news) and it was back in 2006 so I cannot say definitely whether or not I read the bill. The fact that I linked to it in the Thomas Law Library and CNet did not makes me think I probably read it. Granted, that link is broken now, but if I got to Thomas, I usually pick through the details of the bill.

    With regards to Tim Burchett’s wife, she made a threat. That is different than “annoying.”

    Whether it serves me or not is irrelevant. My point is that Bush in the past 8 years has taken steps to curb freedom of speech.

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