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For the record…

If you decide to use the cleaning feature on your oven, and there is a fish stick left in the oven, the fish stick will burst into flame. The oven door will be locked because that’s what the cleaning function does. Since the oven gets so hot during the cleaning process, it locks tight and won’t open until the inside cools even if you abort the cleaning process. So you stand by helplessly holding a useless fire extinguisher watching through the oven window as the 15 centimeter tall flame burns bigger and brighter and the over continues to report "cooling" and your mind starts calculating the cost of replacing the stove.

Lesson: Pre-clean the oven before using the cleaning feature of the oven.

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2 thoughts on “For the record…

  1. can someone explain the flammability factor of fish sticks? My husband, many years ago set fire to what was a lovely expensive wedding gift of a toaster oven trying to make fish sticks

  2. Judging by the flame this fish stick put off, I’m guessing 1) it’s not really fish and 2) I’m packing these things on camping trips as fire starters from now on.

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