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LOST Twitter RPG

LOST returns tonight! I’m very excited. SpoilerTV decided to play a LOST RPG using Twitter (see LOST Characters Find Twitter). Some other people caught on and created their own LOST characters making it difficult to know who is playing the game and who is an imitator so I created a Yahoo Pipe to show only the feeds from the SpoilerTV game. I’ll try to improve the pipe over time.

3 thoughts on “LOST Twitter RPG

  1. Hi, I’m the creator of most of the other twitter accounts.

    Honestly, I had no idea what the SpoilerTV thing was. I’ve never visited their forums before today. I was following Ben Linus for a while and liked his humorous take on characters, so I decided to create a couple because it makes me laugh.

    The idea that I’m imitating them is kinda silly in a way. That’s like saying I’m imitating Andy Kaufman’s Elvis impression.

    Anyways, I created all the twitters and have made them open. Each one has a bio which invites anyone to email or private message them an idea of what they’d say. I like this idea more because while it slightly diminishes the “realistic” nature of them being who they are, it adds the ability for more people to connect to the show.

    Sooo ya. Hope you like it.

  2. Hello Rabbit B!

    “imitator” is not an insulting word nor derogatory. I chose imitator simply because there were no LOST Twitters (poor move on ABC’s part) and then the SpoilerTV crowd started up and shortly after that a whole bunch of similar LOST characters joined Twitter.

    I’m following your characters on Twitter too and was planning on doing another pipe for them as soon as I can figure out which ones are co-mingling. So many appeared at once that it was hard to figure out which characters were working together and which were independent.

    I’m enjoying everyone’s efforts. Keep up the great work!

  3. John Locke –
    Vincent (One of my favorites) –
    Sayid Jarrah –
    Claire Littleton –
    Miles Straume –
    Sawyer –
    Hurley –
    Sun Kwon –
    Jack Shephard –
    Walt Lloyd –
    Juliet Burke –
    The Island –

    If you can’t tell, I have a bit of OCD. It also helps that it’s open.

    I would also like to highly suggest the smoke monster’s twitter ( I don’t have any control over his twitter, but I find him funny.

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