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What’s going on right now with me?

At this exact moment, I have just confirmed that the three year old is deep asleep. The six year old is just getting her eyes closed. The twelve year old has taken some trash out, assisted his three year old brother in the evening routine including getting him to sleep, and is reading until his lights out time. The fifteen year old has helped her six year old sister get clothes out for the morning, do her evening routine, left her to drift to sleep and is watching television until her lights out time. The mom is driving the eighteen year old back to day camp college in pitch blackness in the middle of no where; I bet the stars are awesome! The dad (ie. me) is stressing out with a fuzzy head and a feeling that although the weekend was action packed and very productive, the todo list is left incomplete and it feels like something highly important was overlooked. The dad is about to go sit on the porch, chant, and ponder the week’s progress and prioritize the next several hours.

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