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Day in Review

Today began at 1:30am. I awoke probably as Evan wandered into our bedroom to sleep between Cathy and I. I have a vague recollection of going upstairs and trying to convince myself to stay up and get to work but falling back asleep.

Now it is 5am and I decide that an hour’s rest will serve me better than an hour’s work.

6am- I am already up, walked the dogs, done sit ups and push ups, and begun working on fixing coding issues on a project. I have but one objective today and that is continue making up for the lost programming time from the unproductive weekend to please a client and receive a check to immediately sign it over to someone else. The best-laid plans of mice and men/often go awry.

6:30-7:45 I help children ready themselves for school and carpool the elementary student.

7:45-8:00 I follow the overflowing creek to discover a broken water main under S Northshore Drive.

8:03am I report the exact location of the main to FUD who knew they had a leak but had not pin pointed the problem.

8:15-3:00pm I work on debugging code and making changes for clients with breaks to be amused by the traffic redirected through the neighborhood including helping a truck driver back out of our deadend street.

2:47pm – I flag down the elementary school bus as it reaches the end of the street and beg, for their safety, the driver to let the children out instead of taking them all the way up to their stop and having them walk in all the traffic.

3:00pm – My wife disappears and returns at 10:15pm. During this time I split my attention between the children and knocking out code. Fortunately, Evan mostly sleeps, and Amy and Noah entertain themselves. Turns out to be a very productive coding session..

4:30pm – wife reappears (briefly) with pizza only after officer lets her skip ahead in the deadlocked line of traffic waiting from an 18 wheeler to back out of our neighborhood.

10:30pm – I blog about the day as miniature people play tom toms in my head and my eyes bleed. I avoided a stroke today but think I’ll have it tomorrow. Not looking forward to the phone calls I will have to make explaining why I failed to keep a commitment I had made for today. Oh, tomorrow, Evan goes in for his 3rd attempt at a tooth extraction. No food after midnight. Appointment, noon.

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