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Pulling a tooth

I feel like a failed parent when my children suffer a health issue. We are a remarkably fortunate family when it comes to health. We see very little sickness. Granted, we have a bug going through the house right now but it really is not terrible. Everyone is taking turns so only one person has it at a time.

Evan has a tooth that grayed a while back. We took him to the dentist and everything was assessed as fine. The tooth whitened and seemed fine then died. We attempted to extract it at the dentist but the twilight drugs made Evan too loopy and uncooperative. A surgery was scheduled but the anesthesiologist flipped out when she saw his older brother is diagnosed with Von Willebrand disease (which the doctor thinks is a misdiagnosis) and canceled the surgery until Evan had blood work. Why this wasn’t noticed on his paperwork the month prior to the first surgery attempt is beyond me.

His second surgery attempt was scheduled for March 19th but we got a call yesterday that an opening had come available. "Don’t give him anything to eat or drink after midnight. Your appointment is at noon." Huh?! That’s a long time for a 3.5 year old to go without food. In a different phone call, clear liquids were okay’d until 9am. Cathy and Evan will be off to the hospital shortly. I will remain home with a feverish Amy and working on programming and talking to bureaucrats on the phone. I hope all goes well. These things worry me so much.

Update: Surgery canceled. In the same post I talked about be blessed with decent health, I get to say my child has pneumonia.
Update 2:08pm: Apparently he had pneumonia and is at the end of recovery so they are proceeding with the surgery. Lungs still rattley.
Update 3:30pm: Evan out of surgery and in recovery.

5 thoughts on “Pulling a tooth

  1. I hope all is well around the homestead this evening!

  2. Yes! He did very well. He had a couple of cavities filled and the one tooth extracted. I asked the dentist if this was normal and he said that it is now-a-days. He said that despite fluoride in the water, they are seeing a greater number of cavities in children’s mouths due to the availability of sweets and eating habits.

    Evan was a real trooper, a funny drunk, and seems to be recovering well.

  3. hope your little one is feeling well!

  4. Thank you! He was crabby this morning. Jolly in the afternoon. Actually he slept much of the day. He seems in denial about the tooth being gone. He won’t look in the mirror.

  5. Brings back memories of you when you knocked out your front tooth at age 5. You did not look in the mirror either for a few days or a week I recall.

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