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Monday Morning

The kids are dragging. Elementary student has missed the bus. My breakfast is liquid, black, thick and highly caffeinated. I want to be want to be blogging, cleaning, organizing, budgeting AND coding. Code will win. It always gets the highest priority. Of course, I have to get the children off to school first. Ugh. I forgot to switch carpool days with the other parents. Today I drive the elementary student to school, then the high school girls to school, [update: then the middle schooler to school since he missed his bus,] then the pre-schooler to school. I’ll have worked myself into a tizzy by the time I settle at the keyboard. But I will calm, lock myself in my dungeon with loud music and the last of my incense, and code ferociously.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Goodness! What an erratic schedule you have there.

  2. Its not as bad as it may sound.

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