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Of Grasshoppers

Student: How will I be remembered when I am gone?
Master: You will be forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Of Grasshoppers

  1. That’s depressing. Don’t think that way!

  2. Um. The Of Grasshoppers always..usually..have a far deeper, esoteric…hopefully poetic…meaning to them. When I wrote this one I was thinking it has a far more positive twist to its meaning than how it appears on the surface. I’ve debated publishing my own interpretations but on the chance anyone reads them and actually ponders them (I kinda doubt) I have resisted as to not taint their personal interpretation. In this case I began by pondering death, what is left behind with regard to legacy in personal accomplishment and familial legacy, drifted into unfulfilled dreams, then about my ancestors their accomplishments and the evidence of their lives left behind particularly in pictures, then to our digital age specifically about how photographs and archives left in machines will become unrecoverable to future archeologists leaving a historic gap in a generation or more of the human timeline, then finally back to my children and their children and how what I do and impart upon them particularly with morals and opportunity will be everlasting. Only on occasion do we actively think of our ancestors, they are forgotten, but their legacy and lessons live in us everyday and are passed on to future generations. I don’t want to be remembered as much as I want to have a positive impact on their lives.

    The Master is expressing to the Student that the memory of the person is not as important as the legacy we leave behind.

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