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What does this symbol mean?

Tree with a moon.

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Update: I had a wonderful response to this question here, on Twitter, and at Utterli! It appears that the symbol is the state symbol for the Palmetto State – South Carolina. In researching TN’s state symbol, I’ve discovered it is an elephant stomping on two halves of a broken donkey.

7 thoughts on “What does this symbol mean?

  1. south carolina state flag.

  2. So these are South Carolinians who have moved to Knoxville? They seem to be all over the place.

  3. Mine looks like a Martini with the Palm Tree and Moon… becz. I’m such a HHI nut.

  4. I see those a lot around town. I wonder what Tennessee’s symbol is? A mountain? Big Orange “T”? Smokey?

  5. I think it’s an elephant stomping on two halves of a broken donkey.

  6. South Carolina is second in the nation (next to Texas) at promoting the state logo in this case the state flag. You should see it here – every color, print, and sport, etc. It’s really something.

  7. PS South Carolina is also called the Palmetto State – Palmetto Palm trees.

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