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Miso Soup

I made miso soup for the first time tonight. I have to say, it’s not half bad! Next I’m going to try to make my own sushi.

5 thoughts on “Miso Soup

  1. Making sushi is pretty fun. I’ve only ever made veggie sushi or california rolls. I can never get the rice just right though.

    Tempura vegetables are also really good and super easy to make.

  2. Ooh, making your own sushi is fun! But, there’s a lot of preparation involved. I second what Morgan said: you have to be careful about preparing the rice. If possible, watch a TV show or online video that walks you through rice prep so that you understand what you’re attempting to do.

    It’s a fun couple or family thing to do, and I highly recommend that you are very conservative with your ingredients. My fiancĂ©e, who is Hispanic, attacked her sushi roll the same way she would a soft taco.

    Behold, I give you the sushi burrito!

  3. (oops, or I would have given it to you could I post images here. hehehe)

    It’s in my Mobile Uploads photo gallery on Facebook.

  4. haha. I can just picture a sushi burrrito! Okay. Adding to list of features to include on the Reality Me makeover: Image upload in comments.

    Morgan, I may be texting you for help when I do this!

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