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Social Media Let’s Us Be Close to the Stars

In the connected world, we have certain names that ring as superstars like Robert Scoble and Chris Brogan (and a long list of others). These are the people who have found fame and limelight on the Internet. They may or may not be known outside of the tech crowd but they have such a following within the tech crowd that like the Hollywood superstars, they have an aura of being untouchable. Coincidentally, the same tool that has helped give them their presence also breaks down the barriers and gives someone like myself, who is unlikely to get out to the big conferences, a chance to interact with these folk. I keep the MyBlogLog widget on my sidebar as a little self-serving tool that shows me the recent visitors to Reality Me and I must admit I was taken back to see Chris Brogan’s picture down there. He visited, not read in RSS, but visited Reality Me! But why? I’ve been too busy with work to blog anything noteworthy; it’s all been nonsensical quickies. Oh! But I did link to Speaking and Presenting- Your Next Actions and that fact that he came back to see what I’d said is why he stands above the rest of us in Internet marketing. There’s a lesson in that for the rest of us.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Let’s Us Be Close to the Stars

  1. Doug McCaughan you sir sound like a real jerk. Its pretty brave to bad mouth someone on the web (Re jack Butturini)

    Ive known Jack for 15 years and he is a upstanding person. At least he doesnt hide behind a keyboard and badmouth people.

  2. Hello Brandon Bledsoe! Go re-read the post. I didn’t say anything untrue and I did not bad mouth Jack Butturini. I also did not say anything that I would not say in Jack Butturini’s presence. I did warn people not put their children into long term contracts. That’s it.

    I closed that thread of comments because all that needed to be said has been said.

    Feel free to call me at 865-898-7189 and we can get together for coffee, talk, and then you can pass judgment on my character. I don’t hide behind anything thank you!

  3. I love MyBlogLog for that reason.

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