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Super secret fbi bldg done

Looks like the walls are finished. Like the crane topper.

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4 thoughts on “Super secret fbi bldg done

  1. Is this anywhere near Middlebrook and the boy scout headquarters? My sons friend Ryan lives there and told me he thought they were building a FBI building. I’m not sure its that secret, lol.

  2. Lots of land over there. That was my guess. I think they were using drivers without security clearances to move the prebuilt walls to Kmart and Rudy’s parking lots then the 2 drivers with security clearance would move the materials onto the actual construction site. I could be wrong on the information. I spoke with one of the drivers who told me “only two guys are being allowed to move stuff to the site.”

  3. You came up first when I googled “FBI building knoxville”, lol.

    That is really close to my house…Zak will be happy, he has some friends there he goes to lunch with.

  4. Well that didn’t take any triangulation! 🙂

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