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My family is trying to kill me

I have a challenge ahead of me that is keeping me on the computer night and day. Last night at midnight I decided to rest a couple of hours then try to work through the night but it would take all night to get those couple of hours:

  • midnight: I close my eyes.
  • 12:15am: Evan comes into the room and asks for yogurt.
  • 12:15am-2:30am: The rumbling of the thunderstorm keeps me tossing an turning. Exhausted but unable to rest.
  • 3am: I realize the thunder is actually my daughter trying to put together a desk in the room above us.
  • 4am: Dog asks to go outside. I brush her off as neurotic.
  • 5am: I concede she’s not neurotic and take her for a walk. She really needed to go out.
  • 5am-8am: Score some sleep!

6 thoughts on “My family is trying to kill me

  1. The night was a picnic for me. Evan curled up against me and peed.

  2. Are you really happy with the concept of dying young, and leaving Cathy to raise the family by herself? Look at that schedule, multiply it by 365 and tell me that’s what you need to be doing to yourself and all of them…

  3. I was in no way in control of that mess last night. There had to be a full moon or something.

  4. Mmmm… ok. You keep thinking that 🙂

  5. You should LISTEN to Barry.

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