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Go green! Give your old iPhone to someone.

All the cool kids are upgrading to the newest iPhone. I remember the day I purchased my gold Motorola RAZR v3xx. Ah! I was ahead of the game with the newest and slickest cellphone on the block. That’s the phone I’m still using. So as you excitedly unbox that new iPhone and relegate your old iPhone to the back of your desk drawer, think about how your e-waste could help free someone from the confines of WAP and instead help them join the hordes enslaved to JOBs. Give me your old iPhone! I mean, find someone in need of an upgrade and let your e-waste become e-useful.

2 thoughts on “Go green! Give your old iPhone to someone.

  1. And if you’re in FL… give it to me! I’m a very worthy cause… as is just ’cause!

  2. My son would love a 1st Gen iPhone that someone is “getting rid of” …

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