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Dr. Internet

Dr. Internet - What's this?Okay. What disease do I have? My leg has acquired a rash. I’ve never seen anything like this. When I sit at my chair and put my foot under my seat, the skin from the calf touches the thigh exactly where the marks are so it is likely the rash started in one place and spread to the other but it is not getting an larger nor spreading anywhere else. Doesn’t seem to be getting better either.

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  1. Um, ok,..and maybe it’s your seat?

  2. We had that thought too but neither of those spots actually comes in contact with my chair. I was thinking poison sumac but that would have been a different kind of rash. It’s very odd.

  3. Are you barefoot? It could be athletes something if transferred. Good luck.

  4. Could be something fungal. Yay, fungi!

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