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I may be blocked by Websense

I’m seeing a reference to blockoptions.cgi in my log files. A little research seems to indicate that this means Websense is blocking Reality Me. Last time this happened, I had been categorized as a gambling site. I despise these types of services because the onus falls on the wrong person to prove the error. It’s like a large corporation calling you up and saying, "Our accounting department has screwed up. Would you please go back 5 years in your records and show us where our error is?" Maybe next week I’ll contact Web*doesn’tmake*sense.

You’d think when one of these disservices blocked your site, they’d contact you and let you know "we’ve blocked you for reason ____. To be removed from our list either change ______ or file a complaint at ______."

If you ever go to someone’s site that shouldn’t be blocked by such a service, drop a report with Websense or whomever or at least let the site owner know they are being blocked. The site owner probably doesn’t have any idea.

2 thoughts on “I may be blocked by Websense

  1. My office stopped using websense a couple months ago and is now using some other program. Websense was beyond stupid on what it blocked and what it did not block.

  2. All filtering software is dumb. When I worked at The Learning Company we controlled 85% of the filtering market (at the time) and the software was horrific, easily circumvented, and addressed symptoms not problems. I despise closed networks, censoring and filters. It’s the antithesis of why the World Wide Web was created.

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