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The day thus far

At 5am, I pointed out the time to a child brushing his teeth in the bathroom. He was quiet in the at a construction site kind of way and the two of us agreed he needed to get a little more sleep before the entire house wakes up. I proceed to finish troubleshooting a client’s website that inexplicably wasn’t updating the database after being moved from Linux hosting to Windows hosting. After some fiddling, the problem was solved before breakfast. The teenager had one of those learning by doing moments, "uh, Dad. What do you do if you accidentally slept with a contact in and now it won’t come out?" Two hours later and a whole bottle of saline, I receive a text message that the contact has come out. I don’t think she’ll be sleeping with a contact in anymore. We still have a friend with a child with 104° fever. Despite all the other kids in the troop getting the confirmation of Type A flu "more than likely h1n1 swine flu but we don’t test for it and the cdc isn’t interested in it anymore and the health department doesn’t want to hear about it" this child’s pediatrician says its something else. The pede is wrong! The mother and the daughter remain quarantined staying at the grandparent’s last night. The daughter returned to our house this morning. She and Amy were the only children here for several days. Now that the other children are home, it’ll be interesting to see how everyone gets along. The dynamic is certainly different and Evan is doing his best to be the stereotypical annoying little brother. I’ve retreated to my dungeon and will now hide in my headphones and frantically try to get points plotted on a graphic today so that I can do some neato stuff for an application that must shine shine shine this Saturday.

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  1. Don’t second-guess a pediatrician! If they think it’s something else, then it’s likely something else.

    Kid at our kid’s camp had 104-temp that broke before hitting the magical 105 mark. Sent home, camp went on as usual. No biggie.

    Swine flu is no more dangerous than any other flu, it’s the panic and misinformation that’s making it seem worse.

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