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Force Windows to Install Anywhere But C

Does anyone know how to force Windows 98XP to install to a different drive letter than C? I need my Windows XP installation to be the E drive. I’ve run out of tricks.

4 thoughts on “Force Windows to Install Anywhere But C

  1. What are you trying to accomplish that you need 98 on a different drive letter and does it need to be 98?

  2. haha! That was a huge typo. XP not 98. Stress has me acting quite deranged.

  3. I finally gave up and just did a fresh install of Windows XP to my 500 GB hard drive. Because my copy was SP1 I had to install to 137 GB partition then update to SP3 then use Partition Magic to expand the partition to the full 500 GB. It feels good to be working on a fresh copy. Still not looking forward to reinstalling everything.

  4. Take a look at a program called nLite. It will allow you to combine service packs, hotfixes, drivers, etc. into a Windows iso. Burn a new copy and you just saved yourself a few hours of Windows updates.

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