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Google Wave Invites and Reciprocation

Wow! Mention "Google Wave invite" er…nomination or simply "I have a Google Wave account" and you have friends coming out of the woodwork that you never knew you had! Actually that word friend is fuzzy in meaning to me in this new age of social networking. I mean, most of the people who have begged me for an invitation to Google Wave are people I’ve never heard of. And not one, not one!, has offered me so much as a steak dinner in exchange for the invite…er, nomination. People! These things are going for $80 on eBay.

So who should get the 8 invites that came with my account? Well.. no one else because I’ve given all mine out. But who should have received them? My clients. See, Google Wave is about collaboration. At least that is my take on it. So, to get an invite from me, you should have said, "Doug, I know you have PHP and CF skills. Hook me up on Google Wave and let’s run a small project through this together." That’s call equitable plus it uses the tool as is designed. Instead I feel like I’ve largely been approached by strangers wanting to declare "I have a Google Wave account before anyone else. My penis is large!"

Now let’s talk about these invites Unlike GMail where Google genuinely offered invitations that allowed me to instantly bring someone else into the project, Google Wave is offering nominations. (Btw, I still have 99 invitations to GMail if anyone needs one and those are free!) If a nomination is truly a nomination, then the more of these that you get, the faster you will get to the front of the line. If you want to test this theory and have invitations available, contact my wife @cathymccaughan and send her an, nomination, and let’s drive her to the front of the line. I have seen no documentation that indicates 10, nominations, will get you to the line faster than one but it seems sensible to me. We could start a Wave about this but you’ll need an, nomination first.

Who got my invites? My invitations went out to friends, family and clients with whom I may actually collaborate. If you didn’t get one, that means 1) that maybe I added you to my nomination list and your invite just hasn’t gone out yet or 2) I simply ran out of, nominations before I got to you. My apologies.

11 thoughts on “Google Wave Invites and Reciprocation

  1. I might be the one person on earth who doesn’t care a thing about Google Wave.

    So, when all these “friends” go off collaborating with other Wavers into the sunset….well….you’ll know who your real friends are.


  2. May I get a Wave invite please?

    Thank You!

  3. Hello friend,

    Can you please send me a google wave invite at please?

    Thank you

  4. Mark, I suggest you re-read the 2nd sentence in the 2nd paragraph above. I hope someone finds you an invite.. er, nomination.

  5. Wow, people are desperate.

  6. You mean insane.

  7. ah these crazy daze of the internetz

  8. They see a Google Vawe post and they beg for invitations without reading. It’s pathetic.

    I’m one of those who got one, but now I’d like to invite 8 of my friends, but have no clue how… -_-

  9. MKL, one of your initial waves should have been titled “Invite others to Google Wave” and in the wave is a form with 8 invites. If you don’t have that, perhaps they have suspended invites for the moment.

  10. if anybody have google vawe please send me invitation! thanks!

  11. i know its so hard to get, but if possible i want one too..

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