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Overwhelmed by broken things

These past few weeks have not been good from the hardware side of things. My phone is on its way out but Sarah’s phone died an odd death. She jumps to the front of the new phone line which I think puts her on her 2nd upgrade before Cathy or I have had a single upgrade. My new 500 GB hard drive lasted one day and I’m so torn up over it I’m ignoring it so when I finally get around to looking at it (today) I fully expect NewEgg to give me a hard way to go on issuing a refund. I will never buy a hard drive that isn’t Seagate again! The van battery died without warning. Something is wrong with the hvac. The list goes on.

Today I turn the tide! I’m stepping into my phone booth and mild mannered lethargic depression man is going to turn into super manic Mr. Fix-it! Maybe I’ll even make some vidcasts.

Update: drive appears to work in a different computer. That leaves the problem as an ide controller or cable problem on the primary machine.

Update: Problem resolved. The ide cable had accidentally been pulled loose when I was fooling around inside the case. Oops.

3 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by broken things

  1. mild mannered? never.

  2. That’s interesting because I would never buy a seagate after I had issues with their hard drives crashing shortly after I bought them.

  3. I think hard drives are a lot like cellphone companies. Whichever has given you the best service is the one to go with. I won’t use Lacie to save my life because of the negative feedback from Loic Lemeur during Seesmic’s early days. My sister on the other hand uses Lacie to backup all her data. I used to swear by Western Digital but once upon an eon ago I starting having problems with WD and Michael Dell said no Dell computer would have Western Digital drives. That ended WD for me but I think they’ve turned around and are once again quality drives. I used to love Maxtor because of the cost but you get what you pay for. Now Seagate owns Maxtor but I love Seagate and don’t trust Maxtor.

    None of this is scientific or empirical. I suppose it is time to read some reviews. Frankly, I’d disappointed we don’t have our 3D holographic data storage yet. (wiki)

    I lament that data storage is not more secure or permanent. We have generations of people whose entire family archive of photos is a hard drive crash away from non-existence. Data should not be so volatile.

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