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Thursday’s Schedule

Thursday’s schedule is fairly consistent.
4:30am – wake up and work until 6:15
6:15am – wake up Amy, the 7 year old and turn on everyone else’s lights except Evan, the 4 year old’s
6:15am-6:55am – avoid the computer and focus on getting Amy ready for school. This includes feeding, prompting her to get dressed, making sure that Sarah or Cathy fixes Amy’s hair (I’m forbidden), and making a lunch.
6:55am – Drive Amy to the bus stop (includes some adult social time with 2 other dads..a morning pleasure)
7:15am – Return to the house and prod the teenagers to make sure the 16 year old and 13 year old are ready to go to their respective schools. Distribute checks in response to last minute, "Oh yeah! By the way, I need…"s
7:15am-8:15am – Work which may consist of emails and the bureaucratic side of my job
7:25am – Make sure Noah, the 13 year old has actually left the building
7:30am – Remind Sarah, the 16 year old not to make her ride to school wait on her
8:15am-8:40am – Get Evan, the 4 year old fed, dressed, and ready for school. This includes making a lunch.
8:40am (this could be as late as 9am) – Drive Evan to his pre-school which starts at 9am.
9:30am – Arrive back at home for programming. Sometimes Thursdays might be client meetings or sales meetings. Cathy does the afternoon pickups and child related errands.

So if the 4 year old is supposed to sleep until 8 or 8:15, why is he playing a video game with his 13 year old brother at 7:15?! And yes, I did wake at 4:30 but after walking the dog I returned to bed until 6:15 today.

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