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Why people come to Reality Me

Looking at my stats, I see about 30 people a day come to Reality Me looking for "naked women with chainsaws" or "naked women cutting down trees." Now, I’m by no means a prude. Shoot, I’ll admit to having my own, um…interests. Don’t we all? But this is 900 people a month searching for something very specific and I would expect rare. Is there a club or something?

Ah, I have now Googled "naked women with chainsaws" and "naked women cutting down trees" to find that Reality Me is the number one definitive site for this unique fetish. Used to be people came here looking for condoms.

5 thoughts on “Why people come to Reality Me

  1. I have a naked women with chainsaws fetish.where can i see the rest of this photoshoot?

  2. Funny Ken!

  3. busy beavers– lol I got a pic today in an email that has about 30 naked women in it with chainsaws– I was googling it wondering where in the world it was taken! lol

  4. It appears to be related to the Lodz Art Center.

    If I had to guess, I’d say it is some of Spencer Tunick’s work (NSFW link..has nudity).

  5. Or maybe from FotoFestival 2008

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