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It’s 69°F (that’s 20.5°C to the rest of the whole) inside the house and probably 10 degrees colder in the basement. That’s with the emergency heat on and the thermostat set to 75"F (23.8°C). I can’t use the woodstove because 1) it needs to be cleaned, 2) Tommy now lives in that room and has piled stuff all over the stove, and 3) I haven’t put the fireboard up on a wall I built near it. That stove used to heat this house in the winter. I really need new windows and to re-insulate the walls and attic.

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  1. check with KUB I think they may do financing for new windows through a TVA program. I know we did our heat pump with LCUB that way but I seem to remember someone mentioning windows too

  2. Yes I believe they have one. Good suggestion!

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