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I have joined the Cult of Jobs

My Motorola RAZR v3xx which was so cutting edge when I got it years ago died. Being a miser, I replaced it with a free subsidized phone by agreeing to be an AT&T customer for another 2 years. The phone was an LG 360 and sucked for me. I fat fingered keys and menus. I was missing calls from clients. The phone froze. I missed a teleconference with a long standing client and his client that could have cost both of us an important contract. The end result was that free phone was costing me a fortune. I decided to exchange the phone using AT&T’s satisfaction guarantee. Basically I could chose another free phone that had all the suckage of my first free phone, spend a lot of money on a smartphone and in 6-8 weeks receive a rebate, or get an iPhone. Thanks to a timely project, I got an iPhone.

I dreaded the thought of giving up a Motorola for an iPhone mainly because of the lack of a keyboard. Anyone who has ever dissed or complained about an iPhone has never used one. Steve Jobs is a user interface genius! I’ve joined the cult of Mac.

5 thoughts on “I have joined the Cult of Jobs

  1. I’d join, too, but for AT&T. Thinking I might get an android in January for my birthday.

  2. I signed up with AT&T in the Fall of 1997 when they were Bellsouth Mobility because they were the only mobile service offering a digital line and I was taking credit cards over the phone. The service was spotty but weren’t they all back then? I like AT&T. Granted, I hated AT&T as a long distance carrier. Ultimately cell phone services are very unique to individual people. For instance, I have many friends who cannot say enough good about Verizon; I on the other hand despise Verizon. For me, customer service wins my business.

  3. Curious for your thoughts on the iPhone after having it a couple of weeks. What about iTunes? Are you using iTunes to manage the phone or one of the alternatives?

  4. I’ve been wanting to write on this. Thanks for the poke. I’ll try to do a full post this weekend but in short, 1) loving the phone! 2) Steve Jobs is a user interface genius 3) that Evil Steve Jobs has made spending my money really stinking easy and 4) yes I’m using iTunes on the PC to manage the phone and have no real reason to use anything different.

  5. Thanks Doug. I am in the process of choosing a new phone. I have a couple of months still but right now I am leaning toward the iPhone. However, I have never been a fan of iTunes and have heard that there were alternatives available. Oh well, thanks again for the update.

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