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Save a life

Chico was abandoned and needs a home. He is a pure bred chihuahua under a year old. Please let @cathymccaughan know if you or someone you know would like to give this dog a home.

5 thoughts on “Save a life

  1. Oh he is so cute. I wish my dog got along with other dogs…I’m so glad you found him a home and rescued him. You guys are good peeps.

  2. I mean, seriously? They couldn’t come up with a better solution than to “abandon” him on their front porch during the coldest week? My SIL often says, “The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.” Good grief!

  3. The full story is that the police were there to issue an abuse ticket for $350 and were telling the owner, just take it inside and we won’t ticket you. As the garbage man pulled up the owner said, “I’m not taking it in my house. One of you take it!” and the garbage man got the dog and took it to the Waste Connections office. Then Cathy got involved.

    I fully expected an abused, beat, snippy, mean dog. But no! It’s a well behaved dog. Happy. Plays with the kids and our dogs well. And seems relatively house broken.

  4. What do you mean by “relatively”? Dad just finished cleaning up after our pup. Good luck. He really is cute. My neighbor has a cat who thinks it is a dog and a dog who thinks it is a cat. They arrived young and around the same time. Funny to watch. The dog so wants to climb a tree. And you should see it pounce on the cat.

  5. “Relatively” means we had two accidents because we ignored his pleas to go outside.

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