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Blowning the Brain Cloud Away

Eons ago I discovered nootropics and delved into the costly world of daily vitamins and cognitive enhancers. Age takes its toll on the body but stress takes its toll plus interest, penalties and fees. Some days I struggle with tip o’ the tongue syndrome where the word or thought is almost there but just does not want to coalesce or my head may feel fuzzy. The solution is to deal with the source of the stress. Therein lay a catch-22. So once again, I look toward nootropics to give me edge I seek. I’m starting with Ginko.

4 thoughts on “Blowning the Brain Cloud Away

  1. My brain’s been fuzzy for a decade and a half, ever since I came back from the military. I don’t know if some important system of synaptic circuits were shorted or what, but I could never regain the mental acuity and photographic memory that I had prior to enlistment. This has really been raking me over the coals now that I have a baby, and remembering details is /important/ for the little girl and her mother. Having read plenty of articles of the effects of caffeine on the nervous system and possible preventative for Alzheimer’s (a condition that I am legitimately afraid of due to my frequent lack of short term memory dispersion), I’ve taken drinking coffee on a regular basis and can say that I am starting to have more good days than bad. If herbal supplements work for you, I’d like to hear your results. I tried to go with a multi-vitamin at several points through my life but it proved unsuccessful when I found myself unnaturally depressed. A few weeks cold turkey always brought me back to my naturally optimistic state.

  2. While I appreciate your need to share, I was drawn to this post by NeuroNow on twitter. Respectfully, I don’t think post qualifies as medical, neuro, or informative scientific news. Please let them know… As for your comment, you may want to try exercise as a way of eliminating your mental fuzziness…and if you already are, either make it more vigorous or try something new! While the short term effects of certain drugs are advantageous (OTC and prescription alike,) the benefits of yoga, jogging, lifting and otherwise on your concentration, sleep quality, and mental acuity are drastic. It should also be noted that improved diet and an examination of your sleep patterns should be done to rule out any issues there. I am not anti-medicinal in any form, but over time, the more efficient the treatment, the better your quality of life. An old professor of mine in med school once said that you should only put your body through the stress of processing only as much medication as you absolutely need. If you’re interested, the literature has proved him right hundreds of times over! Either way, no harm no foul, best of luck on your search! 🙂

  3. Is this THE Dr. B?! What an honor! Thank you for your comment. As a aside, this post was written via iPhone as a first draft while the thought was fresh in mind. It is disjointed and incomplete as the writing was interupted by a phone call. Exercise was definitely intended to be mentioned. I’ll have to do a little editing this weekend.

  4. As for I don’t submit info to them. They appear to be a crawler that just grabs links based on keywords. For a far more legitimate and useful source of cutting edge science, particularly with relation to the mind, I recommend reading

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