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53 Years of Nuclear Bombs

How many nuclear bombs have been exploded? Many people would say, "One, over Japan" when it fact it was two, one over Hiroshima and another over Nagasaki. Would you believe that Britain has exploded a nuclear bomb in the United States? Would you believe that in 53 years 2053 nuclear bombs were exploded around the globe? I find the following video unsettling. It left me feeling hollow in my chest and subtly angry.

[Source, Isao Hashimoto, 1945-1998]

2 thoughts on “53 Years of Nuclear Bombs

  1. […] Doug has one of the most unsettling videos you will see. 2,053 nuclear bombs have been set off in the last 53 years. […]

  2. wrong facts, Pakistan had 5 nuclear blasts in a single day not 2! you can check the facts around news etc. 28 may 1998.

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