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False assertion?

True or false? The context is that all my offsite work is tied to an antique desktop computer at my house.

If I buy a Macbook Pro my productivity will increase and I will develop iPhone apps.

5 thoughts on “False assertion?

  1. Your productivity will initially plummet as you adapt to your new computer and adapt it to you. It will eventually recover. You may or may not develop iPhone apps–likelihood is not–but you will find your tech world drawn towards the things that draw Mac users.

    The question is: do you need a new computer, can you afford one, and which one will feel most comfortable as your work computer.

    I love my Macbook pro.

  2. Most definitely a false assertion… unless you are just trying to convince yourself, then it is self justification… better know as kidding yourself.

  3. you’ll have a cool toy, though 🙂

  4. And you know how much I love cool toys and self-justifications!

  5. Hey, I never said self-justification is a bad thing… gadget geeks (like me) LIVE on it (as do the companies that sell us new toys).

    But, that isn’t what you asked. As far as your work is concerned, it really boils down to how long does it take you to complete a job presently vs. how much quicker would you be able to complete it with a new Macbook Pro. If the difference times your present hourly rate times 18 months is greater than the Macbook Pro, then the ROI says go get it.

    This way, then if you DO manage to start developing apps to boot, then you are already starting “in the black” and any additional work only reduces the time to parity.

    This would also make it a much more rational and easily demonostrated reasoning to sell Cathy on the idea, which is most likely just as important as your self justification. 😉

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