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Best ev’r reminder service fails to its own success – RIP

I can’t remember…oh right, RIP Jott.

"We founded Jott in April of 2006. … In 2006 Jott emerged as a leader in mobile voice-to-text applications… we will focus our voice-to-text service investments on carrier and enterprise distribution, and no longer on" [Source, Jott blog]

Of all the services I’ve played with and have seen go, this is the first that almost brought a tear to my eye. My first Jott was on September 5, 2007 at 9:54am. I spoke into my phone and the service translated my words to text. I would later learn that Jott used a combination of computer software and people at call centers. I imagine that if the software failed to understand a word, that segment of the message would be pushed to a queue and transcribed by person. Jott sat on my speed dial and I could verbally leave a message, send it to another service like Remember The Milk or another person via email/sms/etc, and even set a reminder which would send the transcribed message to me via SMS. I even had Jott installed as the default software for my Jawbone Icon. A while after using it, Jott turned to a paid subscriber model that left a small feature set to free users and shortly after that killed free accounts altogether so I quit using Jott. But I found myself lost without it and soon relented to paying $4.95 a month for the service. Money well spent! Jott became my capture tool of choice and kept me organized and eased my forgetfulness. Now it looks as though Jott is turning to corporate clients.

How the hell am I going to remember anything?! (Springpad of course!)

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