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Big Orange Blasphemy

#14 Stephanie Psick - LA TemptationMy father watched football regularly. Recliner, beer, game, don’t interrupt Dad. We lived in New Orleans in 1981 for Super Bowl XV and I rooted for Philadelphia and proudly hung my Eagles pennant on my wall. I played shirts and no-shirts tackle football, albeit poorly, with friends in a field of snow in New Jersey once or twice but never played in leagues or school. Football just wasn’t my game.

I came to Knoxville, TN for college and the football spirit sucked me in. Despite the University of Tennessee’s losing team, the fandom was incredible. With a stadium seating over 100,000 people and always packed on game day, it is difficult to not get sucked into the excitement via the crowd mob mentality. I still didn’t understand the game and was mostly there to cheer with the pigskin made it over the goal line. My fandom has waned. I don’t participate in the superstitions and don’t watch the games. But I do get a text message with the final score and am always slightly disappointed when UT loses.

Is it possible to get someone like me interested in football? Apparently so! Welcome, the Lingerie League!

Gang Tackle

And now every guy who reads this immediately heads over to Bing image search for "lingerie league wardrobe malfunction."

Images by KellBailey. See also.

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