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I posed a question on Facebook today:

Oh my. Program? Cut the grass? Clean the house? Read a book? Run some new pipe? Build a wall? Upgrade the electrical wiring to 12-2? Install a panic button? Wash the wife’s car? Marinate some steaks? Repair the garage door? Clean the driveway? Finish hole 2 of the minigolf? Built a fort for Evan? Paint? Install flooring in the basement?


Thus far, my day has been:

  • Wake at 5:30 to drive son to work.
  • Wake at 6:30 to drive son to scouting event.
  • 7-8am Help scouts pack van to Shining Rock
  • 8-9am Visit with a friend
  • 9-noon Internet. Some client work. Putz. Pick son up from work. Prepare garage for work on the garage door. And marinate steaks!
  • Noon – 12:40pm Repair garage door.
  • 2-4 errands with wife including Agrifeed for rats, pig ears, and cat toys, Target, and Sears.

Now to see about a garage door repair.
Update: 12:40pm Garage door repair complete.

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