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You call this news?!

With the current state of paywalls and news organizations, I am pretty sure I could grab a handful of journalist students from a university and put a hurt on the Boston Globe or Scripps Newspapers such as the Knoxnews. Yes, you read that correctly. I believe am amateur hack like me plus a handful of inexperienced young journalists could take on the major publishers and win.

Why? Because they have forgotten their core business is delivering news! And don’t whine to me about monetization. Or that I don’t understand the challenges of funding a news business because from the looks of it the big organizations don’t know how either! I’ll rest my case with this screen capture of Look closely for the story. There is none! Why? Probably because I’m not logged in. All it shows is a tabloidish title "Builders of Obama’s health website saw red flags" designed to drawn in pageviews then a webpage full of links to social networks, unrelated articles, and a couple of ads. This is not news:


2 thoughts on “You call this news?!

  1. I agree completely. The KNS went to one teaser sentence and a login for subscribers. They are stuck in an old model of news delivery (or lack thereof). It really makes me glad that I am no longer in the news industry, but sad to see the way it has devolved.

  2. You chose wisely on your career!

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