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Seeking advice on using US phones in Europe

To my European friends and my more traveled friends, my son heads off to London (7 days) and Paris (2 days) this weekend. My next quandary is cell phone. My plan currently allows my son unlimited texting and sending of pictures over SMS internationally. However, it does not include data or voice. What I learned today was that if he received a phone call (and doesn’t even answer it), he incurs international roaming charges.

So, do I:

  1. make him leave his phone at home?
  2. let him take his phone but remove the sim card so he is forced to use wifi?
  3. Have him jump into an EE store and buy a 30 day prepaid phone? I presume the tour group isn’t going to stop to waste an hour in an EE store letting everyone buy prepaid phones. — does the airport have these in vending machines?
  4. Beg a friend or relative to drop a prepaid phone by his hotel?

Are there other options?

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