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Who needs an alarm clock when you have pets! I awoke far earlier than I wanted this morning but eventually yielded to the obnoxious behaviors of the hungry animals.

With such an early morning, I thought perhaps I could accomplish some technical stuff and work on a client’s website. However, my computer is running like a slug and I discovered one of my websites has been compromised so now I have to play security person on a machine that refuses to function.

Things I have to do today: buy Tommy a cookie cake and celebrate his birthday. Yesterday he turned 24!

Things I want to do today: play games with the children, go to a park with the children, ride bikes, clean the house, clean the yard, finish hole two of the mini-golf in the sideyard, work on the club house, clean the driveway, clean the cars, program something for the raspberry pi, learn HAM radio, do a personal website, work on a client’s website, take online training for scouts, plan scout meetings, update calendar, write, read, and relax.

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