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How to switch to metric?

How do you begin using the metric system? You just start using it! I use Waze as my navigation aid. Been using it since the very early days. Cathy and I were the original #wazedate people. Today, as I drove to work, Waze announced a turn in "1.6 miles" and I commented to myself that I didn’t realize that section of road was that long. Then it occurred to me that if Waze was going to speak distances and I was going to learn them that I might as well do it in metric…and now Waze speaks to me in kilometers and meters.

2 thoughts on “How to switch to metric?

  1. one easy conversion method for miles and kilometres is the 8 and 5 rule. miles you divide by 5 and multiply by 8 to get to km. km you divide by 8 and multiply by 5.
    if you are not sure which way around the answers should always make miles less than kilometres.
    eg 50 miles an hour – divide by 5 equals 10. multiply by 8 = 80km/h

  2. Excellent! This I did not know and now will not forget.

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