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The Final Boom’s Day

I went to the very first Boom’s Day and the next four after that. I committed to myself that I’d go to everyone but after that 5th event, I quit going. Tonight is supposedly the last Boom’s Day. I think it’s a guerrilla marketing effort to raise attendance. Nonetheless, I chose to keep the family home, not fight the crowds, and work on the house and a client’s website. A great deal of yard work was completed. So much more remains. If I had the means, I’d take a year off just to work on my home and family. It’s now dinner time. I head out to park the car and the front door complains, refusing to open if the handle is pressed down instead of raised up. I can fix it. I will fix it. The door knob is a metaphor for my life under constant repair. But I can fix it. I will fix it. I want to accomplish so much more. So much more than has been done. Nonetheless, I am content.

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