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For Labor Day, I labored

When we have three day weekends, I like to take a personal day to try to have a 4 day weekend to work around the house on all that I neglect due to work and volunteer obligations and to be with my family. More often than not, this translates to working on the computer to earn extra money. Today was no different. Despite the beautiful weather, I did no yardwork. I made no clubhouse repairs. I washed no cars. Instead I programmed, rather troubleshot a non-functioning program with little success.

ToolsI did take a few minutes to repair the door knob on our front door. It had become so loose that it failed to open the door. Fixing it you would think would be a couple twists of a screwdriver. But symbolic of all things in my life, it was not so simple and required an allen wrench (technically ‘key’), flashlight (technically iphone), phillips head screwdriver, and a pry bar.

As darkness falls, the stress of the quantity of unfinished planning for scouts, paperwork for other things, unsent communiques, failed budgeting, and misplaced dreams for this 4 day weekend are trumped only by the snarling and nattering of my overdone children and wife. At this exact moment, my aching back would like nothing more than a beer and to lounge in front of the television. Instead, some vitamin I, some coffee, and headphones with loud music will power me into the night. "Alexa, play cyberpunk."

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