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How to Monday on vacation

The beginning:

  1. Wake with a headache and muscle aches
  2. How too hot and needs air conditioning which hasn’t been serviced and requires condensation to be pumped out with shop vac
  3. Go upstairs to find a dog has walked out her poop spreading it all over the living room floor

The rest of the day:

  1. Document the pinewood derby workshop
  2. Meet with fellow scout leader to discuss the pinewood derby
  3. Plan a scout meeting including picking up supplies
  4. Do the scout meeting
  5. Work on a client’s project

Things that need to happen but won’t today:

  • Continue cleaning house
  • Book balancing, budgeting, and bills
  • Home improvements including walk building and shelf hanging
  • Service hvac by cleaning dust out of unit, checking to make sure everything is well sealed, and calling in repairman to inspect unit (which means cleaning out the garage)

I’m going back to sleep…

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