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Sunday, January 3, 2016

This is not a year in review post nor a resolution post.

I’ve been on a two week vacation and it has been heavenly. Perhaps I’ll publish details later. Today represents the last day of my vacation, or as Cathy likes to put it, the day Doug stresses, curses, begrudges tomorrow, and wishes he had taken a longer vacation…or every Sunday. But that was then this is now. I plan 2016 not as stress-free but as a stress managed year. Everything shall be taken in stride!

So what is on today’s plate? Client work, scout planning, personal planning (have to set some goals), family time, and then we will see if there is any time left for other things. January promises to be a trying month. It comes pre-packed with many activities and two incredibly immobile and important deadlines. This month, those two things will be my focus and everything else is secondary.

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