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Getting ahead

Occasionally I play the lottery. Typically, I’ll buy a ticket then not look at it for several days after the numbers have been drawn. It’s Schrodinger’s lottery ticket. For those few days, I’m a millionaire! And the dreams are glorious.

On this occasion, I paid $2 for a MegaMillions ticket and I won $25. A smart man would have pocketed the money but I was having fun, so I spent $2 on another MegaMillions, $3 on a Powerball, and $20 on a scratch-off. The scratch-off was a $30 winner! (Now up, $28 dollars) Again, a smart man would take the money and run but I have never purchased a $30 scratch-off before so I decide to let it ride. I ask the man behind the counter, “How do those $30 tickets do?” He replies, “Once you get ahead, you stay ahead with those.” I buy one. He extends the ticket toward me and I grab one end while he continues to hold the other end, narrows his eyes, and speaks deliberately to me, “You ain’t ahead yet.”

2 thoughts on “Getting ahead

  1. Around here they sell those scratch tickets in vending machines. On each machine, there is a sign that reads, “Gives No Change.”

    I always thought that was surprisingly deep. But this guy, he knows what’s up.

  2. “Give No Change” that’s beautiful!

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